Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Breaking News!! Luca and I meet!!

Adam brought Luca to meet me this evening and we got on right from the start. I have had a lot of time on my voyage to plan how to sort dogs out after my problems with the SUMDs.

Start with a frontal attack to confuse,

don't let the enemy see your face,

then the Basset torpedo manoeuvre,

the raised ear always confuses

Crikey he fast!! Where has he gone?

Luca and I have agreed that our next combat will be on the beach

The V.E.T's

Yesterday I went to tea with Corinne, Paicey and Archie. I met their cat Emil who did not seem to want to play! But Archie did so that was OK.

Emil the cat is not impressed

I was only trying to make friends!

This morning we went for a walk on the seawall early as I had a date with Sarah!

The walk was great! Lots of things to look at and smell.

That does not look like the Hartland Point!

When My Dad and I visited the V.E.T's. Sarah was there with some really nice pieces of cheese. For some reason she seemed particularly pleased when I ate them! Not sure why!

After that lots of people made a fuss of me including Joe who had an extremely interesting box with lots of nice things in it which he whisked away.

I am looking forward to my next visit!

Luca is still too busy to come out. (Something to do with tourists and film crews?) We will meet on the week-end.

Monday, January 29, 2007

What a Busy Day!

I did not want to get up this morning as it was not a very nice day, but when I remembered what day it was I was up and ready to go!!

First I went the the V.E.Ts which was not nearly as bad as I expected! There was Joe the vet who made a great fuss of me and said what good condition I am in. (I will go to see him anytime) Then there was Sarah and Vikky who I really liked. Their office was full of interesting smells.

(I have made a date to see Sarah on Wednesday when she will give me a pill)

Then I went to the Legislative Councillors Office where Dad works (very important) and met Claudette and Cherie. Claudette gave me a biscuit and let me check my blog on her computer!

Claudette and ME checking the Blog

After that I visited the Penguin News where Jenny works. (She is the Editor!)

The Editor and ME outside the Penguin News Office

I was disappointed that Luca was busy and was not able to come to the beach so Auntie Joan came with me. It was full of interesting smells and things, but I need Luca to show me round and help me know what to do. As it was not a very nice day I did not stop long but will come back tomorrow.

Auntie Joan and ME on Surf Bay

I did have a bit if a run but I was quite tired after all the excitement!

A Basset should not overdo things

I have met so many nice people today!

By the way: Joe (the vet) said I was in perfect condition and I was a credit to everybody who has been looking after me. (Thanks Kerri and Brian and the SUMDs, and all my mates on the Hartland Point. I promise to try and keep my waistline as svelte as it now!!)

I understand that Dad and I have been entered in a relay team for the Stanley Marathon! We must start training now! I will keep you informed how we get on, although I have to say that Dad looks as if I shall have to get him better condition!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

One More Sleep!

Today I have been practicing for running on the beach:

Flat out across the 'beach'! (need to work on the speed thing)

Jumping off sand dunes (pretty good I think)

I can't wait!!

I have also been thinking about my travels since I left home...
I have come so far and seen such interesting things. I have grown into a young dog with 'responsibilities'.

It has come to me that I have not shared with you all my crossing the line certificates while I was a Ships Watchdog:

This is the one from King Neptune summoning me to his court.

And this is the one with the (trumped-up) accusations:

I should have some great stories to tell tomorrow.

Don't forget to log in!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Time Passes Very Slowly for a Basset!

I can't wait for Monday, it seems to take for ever to arrive.

This morning it was wet so I just had to pass the time indoors after my Dad complained about my wet ears on his feet!

He said a very rude word when I slid my ears over his bare feet! (I must remember that trick!)

I investigated my kong which took some time

It tasted of peanut butter (My favourite!)
If I make myself very long and thin can I get inside it?

There is nothing like a nice coloured rug to help pass the time!
Tomorrow I shall have to get ready for my adventure into the wide world! (after the V.E.T.!!)
Claudette says I must visit her (I hope she has a nice biscuit!), and Luca and I are going to meet at Surf Bay!! (Jenny tells me that I have been spelling his name wrongly all this time!!)

I have been told that my blog is getting famous! I was mentioned on BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) yesterday. And today I see that my blog is listed on Google!! (Just enter "General Jackson" "basset hound" blog) It seems as if I becoming a well known Basset thanks to all my friends!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Only Four days to go!

Only four days to go before I can investigate everything I can see from my garden!

The only drawback is I have to see the V.E.T. first!

Just to help pass the time:
I thought that I would help with the strimming

But sorting out the string was just too much!

What about if I help with the shredding?

On his fourteen days of quarren-teen my Basset managed to chew:

Fourteen Old Newspapers
Thirteen Garden Plants
Twelve Pieces of Charcoal
Eleven Christmas Cards
Ten Egg Boxes
Nine Marigold Heads
Eight Assorted Pencils
Seven Chair Legs
Six Green Olives
Four Puzzle Pieces
Three Odd Slippers
Two Strimmer Strings

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Basset's busy day!

Today was so nice I had my breakfast on the step
And then did my morning rounds

I made sure that holes had been dug properly,

I checked for interesting insects. (Quite tasty!)

Had a romp with Larissa

I won the sausages! (of course!)

Sorted Paicey out (He is no serious match for a Basset!)

Admired our handiwork in mowing the lawn

Mowing is very tiring work!

I made sure that Jenny and Larissa had a good brunch.
(they could have left a little something for a Basset!)

After all that I needed a little sleep

(No sign of Terry and Joan today :-( )

I wonder how the SUMDs are and if their electricity is back on. I bet they are not as busy as I am!

I miss them all but the Falklands are real Basset country! Tealeaf would love it even if he is not a real Basset!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

What a happy Day!

Due to my lack of technical knowledge I missed posting this blog! (I think that I pawed the wrong button, but I am still only a beginner in these things and do not have Kerri and Brian to help me) I hope that you will forgive me!!

My Dad and I are re-united - what a happy day!

I noticed right away that Dad still has his delicious shoes to cut more teeth on (I cut some new ones on the boat) and I look forward to many hours with those. I think he has more for Important Meetings where Claudette has biscuits.

We are SO excited, but being British, we did not show it too much. Did I tell you that fortunately they all speak English here?

I have moved down Ross Road a few houses now, and I expect I might be busy with sniffing and organizing things. There is a lot to do.

I almost forgot to say that Uncle Terry and Aunty Joan said I was very well behaved for such a young Basset - er, except for the half toilet roll and the TV control. I have been invited back to visit though. (Once I am not in quarren-teen) I can't wait!

See you again soon.

Friday, January 19, 2007

I am in my new home at last!

A busy Basset is complete!

I am sorry that I have not posted any news recently but I have been busy and also I have not been able to contact Kerri to help me post my Blog! (I only a little Basset really!) I think Tealeaf and Co have had no lights for two nights after a big wind!

I now have a big garden of my very own, with lots of grass and the most interesting smells! I can practice my Basset sniffing and digging all I like here. While I am outside I can greet all the people who walk past (they all seem very pleased to see me). This morning Auntie Joan stopped by to talk to me as did Larissa my next door neighbour. People are very friendly here, another neighbour gave me a big biscuit!

Besides people, I have seen all sorts of interesting things: big ducks that do not seem to fly, some skinny birds called corm-rants that fish in the sea and today I barked at a big animal swimming in the water, it had caught a fish! (not sure what it was though.) There is so much to see, but I haven't seen a penguin yet.

I have two new beds and if I am very quiet I can climb onto the lovely squishy settee. I can see everything that goes on from there.

I have been very good and not chewed any of Dad's things yet (but I do like the look of his hiking boots!)

I am really looking forward to being out of quarran-teen! I will then be able run on the beaches and to meet Luka and lots of other dogs. I wonder, are there are any SUMDs here?

I'll post more Pictures tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hello from down here...

Hello out there in the Big World. Amazing to think I am now at the bottom of it, after coming all the way from the top. Such a long way for a little Bassett Hound.

I can now do steps! There are 4 up into the house, and I have been doing a lot of practicing. At first I would walk up sideways, with all of my right legs, then all of my left legs and lever myself up on to the top one with my chin. That was all a bit hard going. Now, if I get 3 lengths of me away from the steps and get speed up I can zoom up them all and do a little extra jump over the top one.

I enjoy having a romp with the big people here, and playing with my toys, but yesterday some little people came to see me. Well, Laura (she is MUCH smaller than me) slept and did not see me at all but Archie (he is almost my size, but standing up) and I had enormous fun chasing about and chewing things.

Me meeting Archie

Me Chasing Archie:

I have a bed my dad bought me, and it is SOoooooo squishy, and if you leap on it, it sort of goes boing-boing and throws you up in the air. After the visitors left, I made time for a sleep and to dream of my dad arriving TODAY, at two ten in the afternoon (Falkland Island time). That is what the Ar A Ef said on the Information Line number anyway. They organize the big 'planes to come up and down over the ocean that my ship came on.

I just can't wait. I am beside myself with an-tis-erpation.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bath Time...

After my bath this morning, and my getting dried with a Liverpool Supporter's towel (I like Liverpool , I think I will become a supporter and get a scarf in red and white with a cockerel on it) I asked Aunty Joan about getting a tattoo. She was not very impressed and said that it would hurt like blazes and would mark my skin for-ever. She said I could ask my Dad when he arrives, but did not hold out much hope. I had a little practice on the ship, with some white paint on my ear, just to see what the effect would be.

I am in a thing called Quarren- teen, but I am not sure what it is. Perhaps it is what they call a house in the Falklands . It all seems pretty ordinary to me. Anyway, I hear that all visitors to the Falklands go to see the penguins, but because of the quarren-teen I cannot do that for a bit.

I have been out in the garden watching the Robins They are whacking big birds with bright red aprons on, and they make a heck of a din. Not like English Robins at all.

The house here in Stanley is right by the sea - I can just spy it if I stretch up high and look out of the conservatory. It is not going past, and the floor is not moving, so I think we must be at a dock

Must sign off now, as I am helping Uncle Terry fix a door and we have to keep too-ing and fro-ing to the workshop.

Love you all lots and can't wait till my dad comes tomorrow.

Life is good!

Things have quietened down now and I can relax and think Basset thoughts.

I have met some lovely people, and I am going to really enjoy exploring the Falklands. (It has grass for miles and miles! but no trees! I will have to get Kerri over here to help me plant some)

I really miss my SUMD friends and could really do with a romp with Tealeaf!

It is a pity I can't meet Luka yet.

I wonder where they keep their slippers?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Dry Land at last!!

It is so exciting! I am in the Falklands!
Gary and lots of my friends saw me off. I was sorry to say goodbye to my shipmates but a new adventure begins!

I had a lot of baggage and had all the dog food that I left England with! Ships food was much more interesting than dog kibble!

Gary and me leaving the ship!

Adam (Luka's dad and Sam and Kerri's Brother) was there to meet me, he looks very smart in his uniform!! We hit it off immediately and he knew exactly how to rub my ears!

Adam even arranged for a Royal Marine escort into Stanley! His name is Steve and he was very kind to me. (I think he is quite important, people salute him!)

I slept most of the time driving in to Stanley but the Falklands is full of new and interesting smells and I look forward to investigating them with Luka.

In Stanley I met Jenny (Lukas Mum), Auntie Joan and Uncle Terry and I had a great run round the garden.

Jenny (She knows how to cuddle a chap!)

Auntie Joan (Joan and Terry have a really nice house with soft carpets!)

Still a bit wobbly on my feet! (sea legs you know) but I have so much to investigate!

I understand that there are people coming round to meet me so I must log off and be on my best behaviour!

Is there anybody there to meet me?

The Falklands look very big. I hope Adam knows where to find me!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Some General General Jackson Statistics....

Age of General Jackson: 152 days.

Number of paws: 4 (extra large)

Number of remote controls chewed: 3

Number of slippers stolen: 1 (that we know of)

Number of miles travelled: about 8,500

Number of pictures taken so far: 5,533

Number of blog 'Page Views': 10,960

Number of blog Visitors: 226

Amount of poop scooped: some things are better left uncounted.

Number of laughs given: oodles

Number of hearts stolen: growing daily.

I'm nearly there

I was quite small once !

Today is the day I arrive in the Falkland Islands! (I think that I can smell land already!) They have huge birds here in the South Atlantic, I saw one this morning and I think that Alex said it was called Albert Ross?

The skipper tells me that I cannot be signed off from my watch dog duties until tomorrow as there is a lot of work to be done and he can't spare me. So Adam will be collecting me in the afternoon. (I understand that he will be bringing along a V.E.T. to check me over! Not another chip?)

I can’t wait to feel land under my paws again. I wonder if they have grass in the Falklands.

It is going to be so exciting and busy I think that I should say all my thankyou's before we touch land.

I have made so many friends in the few months since I was born and it is difficult for a basset to remember all their names.

First there is my real mum Lucy and my eight brothers and sisters (I wonder where they all are now?)

Liz and Shaun who brought me up until I was old enough to leave on my adventures.

My very special foster Mum and Dad; Kerri (Kerrio) and Brian (Kubrin Kaos) who fed me, played with me and made me a very happy and contented Basset. I was very sad to leave them although I shall see them again when they visit the Falklands!!

All the SUMDs (they are not half bad for a bunch of rescue dogs) who succumbed to my Basset charms: Meggie, Boots, KuBrin, Tealeaf (my best playmate) and of course Cleo (who would never ever admit that she really loved me! -I think she is shy)

Then there is Mark (my Stunt Foster Daddy) and Anthea and their rescue dogs Poppy and Lester who used to pop in to see me and play with me if I was lonely. (actually I think that they only wanted to see me really)

My Babes, Karen and Belinda who used to help me mop the floor on Wednesdays.

And everybody else that I met, especially the nice lady (Lesley) in the pet shop who gave me things to eat! (I still have some of the chews left).

Hils, who found the Hartland Point to take me to the Falklands. Hi Hils!!

And then there are all my best friends on the Hartland Point: Skipper Dave, Chief Mate Raj, Paul the second Mate, and of course my fellow watch keeper and Third Mate Alex. Gary who looks after me, the chief cook who did not seem to need my help very much but has a lovely place to work, engineer Kit and all my shipmates. Thanks for looking after me and I am sorry about the shoes and Christmas decorations and.. and................ everything else!

Hello King Neptune.

It has been great knowing you all and being able to help you all find your 'inner basset'

Hello to Sam and Jan Guy, Mary Ann, Em and all the family members of my shipmates!

Also I must thank everybody from around the world who have visited my Blog and everybody who posted comments and encouragement. (I wonder if Paragon has her baby yet? )

Hi to all the Story Hour Children in Stayner, Ontario, and of course the Story Hour Angel! My adventures will continue.

Thanks everybody and remember, keep in touch with your inner Basset.

‘May all your ears Grow long!’