Sunday, July 29, 2007

Very Quiet!! He is Busy!

It is great that my Dad is back but he seems very busy with meetings and reading papers. (I thought about helping with the papers but thought better of it after the ticking off that I got for trying to get his mobile to work!!) (the new one is just like to old one!)

He says that he has been too busy to even take pictures of Luca and me despite some very good photo opportunities!

However today he and Sam decided to give me a bath! I actually enjoy a bath once I am in. It does seem a strange thing but I suppose that it goes along with liking the VET and Dog Pilling Day!

The temperature was perfect!
After the bath it is fun to shake over everybody. My ears are particularly useful for this trick!

There is nothing like a good rub down

And then play 'Hunt The Basset'!

Luca is staying with me for at least another week as although he is much better Adam is not back from the VET's in Santiago! It must be a very nice VET's as they do seem to stay a long time. However we are all very pleased that Adam is on the mend.

Oh yes I almost forgot! I have a new cousin! He will live at Fox Bay on West Falkland with Ben and Clare. I am not sure which one he is but it doesn't really matter as they seem to have forgotten any ears on either of them!

Slobbers to everybody

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

He Is Back!!!

My Dad is BACK!

He says that he is fine but it is pilling day for him three times a day with lots of pills (He must be very heavy!) I cannot understand why he doesn't have to go to the VETS for his pills , and as for taking them not wrapped in cheese! (I am sure that Sarah would do it for him, although I think that it would take a lot of cheese slices!) It really does seem to be a lost opportunity to me!

We have had a problem having our pictures taken together but he says that it will happen tomorrow.

My other surprise was that my parcel from nm and Ernest has arrived. I have had a good look through it and have played with my new bone for hours!

My happiness is complete!My Favorite!

Thanks nm and Ernest You have made my day!

I shall send pictures of my other presents later! There are lots! I am a very contented Basset again! All we want now is for Adam and Jenny to come home!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Dad is coming home TODAY!!!!

My Dad is coming home today after a WHOLE month away
(ooh that rhymes... could I be the next Basset Laureate?)

I am so excited that I am doing a little dance on the beach:


I can't wait to drool in his shoes and drag my wet cold Basset ears over his naked feet.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Who turned out the lights?

It's winter here

But the sky is still pretty.

Perhaps tonight we will give Sam a special treat (again) and get so muddy he has to bathe us both. We know how much he enjoys it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lady Liz

Staying with Sam is FUN! He took Luca and me to the beach near the Lady Liz so we could play and romp. The Lady Liz is a famous shipwreck in Stanley Harbour, you can see an utterly spectacular shot of her here: Lady Liz

It looks to me like Luca is being pursued by those UFO's again, on maybe someone has put up a huge crane in Stanley, but then again, maybe it's just a stick.

Chasing those long-legged collie types sure wears a Basset Boy out chey (Luca is teaching me the local lingo)!

Luca is also teaching me some other new stuff. Apparently when riding in the landy to go for a walk, you have to bark, so I am joining in by baying. For some reason Sam is not all that impressed and does not join in.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stalking and Sticks

My dad has been delayed AGAIN getting home, and the reason that Luca's dad (my brother) has been away is he had to go to hospital too...AND they are at the same hospial - so at least they can keep each other company. Anyway Luca's dad (Adam) has started a blog about his hospital adventures so we can keep an eye on him. How's the heart chey. Luca is a bit concerned, but I am doing my best to keep his mind of things by stealing his sausages:

To do his bit Sam has been taking Luca and me out for walks at different places so we can have a good romp, we do lot of chasing and playing in the grass, though Luca does have the advantage of longer legs.

Here I am preparing to get him in the long grass, as a dog of short stature my only recourse is stealth:

In this case I was a little slow off the mark and missed. Rats!

However, using the advantage of acute Basset hearing, I located him on my Basset radar...

Got him!!! This stick is MINE!

Friday, July 13, 2007

It's been SNOWING

My brother/uncle Sam is now here looking after me and Luca too and we are having a WHALE of a time because it's been snowing (it IS mid winter down here).

Luca and I like to chase each other around in the garden.


I'm not quite sure what that thing over Luca's head is, it might just be an alien spaceship, or it could just be a snowball.

This is me and Luca posing in the garden next to the polyhouse. Maybe we will sneak in there and dig over the borders for my Dad later.

Later Sam is going to take us to the beach for a REAL romp. I wonder if my friend Jazz will come too?

Sam took these pictures on his phone, which is really cool cos then he can send pictures of ME to everyone right away. Very clever.

I wonder what mischief Luca and I get get up too ?? Any socks lying around? Toast? Remote Controls?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Interesting times!

Well - here we are and it's monday and my dad is STILL not home. But not worry - my brother Sam is (he of the very small ears.)

This is a pic of me and Sam when I was a much younger Basset still living with the SUMDs. I used to look up to him. Well I still do really, it's hard to manage any other direction when you are a BFBP.

So Sam and I are now home together, and the the good news is that Luca will be joining us at the weekend. This is cos Luca's dad Adam (who is also my brother, this makes me Luca's uncle, which also makes be a very confused Basset) also has to go to Chile to see my Dad, and his Dad. Are you following this?

Anyway - when Luca gets here I am planning a return to the beach with him (if Sam will oblige) and then we can do more of this:

Anyway, in the mean time, Sam has not had much practise at BFBPs of late, I stole his toast this morning. Apparently when he stayed with the SUMDs when Tealeaf was young, Tealeaf used to steal Sam's socks and shoes. Maybe I should try that....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Still Waiting

My dad is STILL away, he's had to stay at the V.E.T. longer than expected, but apparently he's fine and will be home as soon as he can catch a plane. I wonder if he has to chase it to catch it?

I miss my Dad!

Anyway - it has come to my attention that Port Stanley used to be called Port Jackson and was renamed to Port Stanley in 1845.

In light of my celebrity status and general wonderful Bassetness, I'd like to propose a motion that we now rename it back to Port Jackson.

Then Stanley (the town) could be called "Jacksonville".

All those in favour say "Aye". Or Bark.