Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sorry I Have Been Just too Busy!

I am sorry that I have not updated you on my activities recently but I have been just too busy!!

I have had to entertain Kerrio while my dad has been at meetings. She is inclined to get very tired in the evening so I have to keep her Company as she has left Brian at home!

(She just can't cope with the long walks!)

At this time in the Falklands the elephant seals come ashore and it has been pointed out that they may have some connection with the bassets.

Is this the origin of the 'Flat Basset'?


Their sleeping habits seem similar too!

Can't stop! I smell mutton shanks cooking! (My favourite!)

Will be back soon


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Patience is rewarded....

I am such a patient Basset... I have waited...

And waited....

And waited....

And waited....

(of course the fact that I have Sally to take me for lots and lots of long walks and Jazz to play with DOES help).

Now finally my Dad is HOME!!!

And I am in Basset Heaven.

Just a Basset Boy and his dad... on a beach... at dawn.