Sunday, May 27, 2007

Eight things about me?

Ernest has tagged me!

I am not sure that I can count up to eight before I fall asleep! (it is all those sheep and my inner sheep dog you know)

1. I was born a Basset but was reared as a Lurcher. Confusing? You should see it from where I am! I am sometimes a Basset and sometimes a Lurcher and now I think I might be a sheep dog!

2. I was signed on as Ships Watchdog on a voyage from England to the Falkland Islands. I met King Neptune. He reprimanded me for sleeping on watch, eating the Christmas decorations off the Christmas tree, stealing and chewing the crew's footwear and using the Officers Saloon for a toilet! (for a full description of this memorable meeting see 'I am all at sea part 3' in January)

3. My favorite things are sleeping, walks, food, my Dad, walks, foster Mum and Dad, sleeping, Luca, sleeping, Jazz, anybody who takes me for a walk, Joan and Marmite sandwiches, sleeping, SUMD's, food, sleeping, food, sleeeeeeee...............zzzzzzzzzzz

4. I am a tourist attraction in the Falklands: The tour guides point me out on bus tours. My dad thought that the tourists were looking at him but I put him straight about that.

5. I have been in trouble for chewing things: Remote controls, magazines, cushions, shoes, socks, in fact anything that takes my fancy! I was in real trouble for leaving my Dad's IPAC outside in the rain! (That is the Basset way!)

6. I am fixated on food. I have yet to find food that I dislike but I am working on it. (That is also the Basset way!)

7. I like going to the VETs! Every other dog tells me that this is wrong, but I love Jo and Sarah and will walk through fire to see them.

8. I think I should be Governor of the Falkland Islands and I do not have a tattoo.

I think I will go and have a lie-down............

Saturday, May 26, 2007

He Is Home!

Well, he is back at last! Sorry that I have not posted my blog earlier but he has been too busy to help me with it since he got home. (Government things)

I have to say that I was pleased to see him and I am ashamed to say that I was not able to show my displeasure for being left behind. I was sad to leave Sally and Jazz but it was good to be home as well.

He brought me a new dog-tug which Foster Mother made! (I think that Tealeaf had had a go with it as I could smell his slobber which made it even better.)

It is perfect and just what I wanted! I have to let Luca have a go!

Having got home I have been working on my Basset mode again. Jazz has been showing me how to find my inner sheep dog. I have to say that it is rather exhausting!

Oh yes! It was my Dad's Birthday the other day and Bridget painted a picture of ME!
I think it is a good likeness!

It is good to be home but I think I will visit Jazz this morning.

(no sign of any mail from Ernest :-( perhaps next week)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Message for Jackson

From Tealeaf:

Your Dad is on his way.... but he HAS been consorting with Lurchers - so if he smells of other dogs - don't panic:

You can pick him up later today. I think. Or is that tomorrow? Do you have the same days we do in the South Atlantic?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tummy Tagging

Sorry I can't find anybody who has not been tagged so I have posted two belly pics to make up! As you can see I am not embarrassed showing my bits

Bassets should not be ashamed of showing their beautiful tummies!

I am really proud of mine and show it at every opportunity!

I do not believe any dog exhibits a better belly! (Almost as impressive as my foster dad's!)

(I regret to say that I cannot persuade my dad to exhibit his belly! -or perhaps that is a good thing?)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

He is still away!

He is still away but I would not like him to think I am enjoying myself!
(Actually I am having a great time and going on lots of walks!)

Which is great as long as I can sleep afterwards

I will just have to keep an eye open for when he returns.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I was tiny once

While my Dad is away frolicking with those pesky SUMDs I though I would share some REALLY old piccies with you...

This is from last year when my Dad and the Foster mum came to see me for the very first time, before I even KNEW they were going to be my Dad and Foster mum (I'm not sure they knew then either).

Anyway, I was about 6 weeks here and while I'm a very handsome grown up chap now, I was cute.

Here's me with ALL my siblings. In those days I had to share my food bowl with 8 other puppies. You would not catch me doing THAT now.

Also - I started off as I meant to continue, trying to chew and steal things that were not mine...

And boldy going where no Bassett Puppy had been before...

How cute was I?

Monday, May 07, 2007

Left Behind!

Hey everybody!

Kerri, Brian and the SUMDs have sent me some new sausages!! I am so glad as Luca and I have managed to demolish the last string!

Thanks everybody at Tigh Gadhar! (it's my favorite!)

The other evening I found my dad's can of Ginger Beer which was interesting

It tasted really nice

But the trouble was that It was empty! but I will have to look out for a full one.

However the big news is that he has gone away and left ME! I understand that he will be seeing the SUMDs.

He could have taken me as well

I am going to stay with Sally & Tim and their dog Jazz. I have had to promise to be good.

I know that Sally and Jazz like walking so I am really looking forward staying with them, -but I won't tell my Dad!

I wonder what present he will bring me when he comes back? (It had better be a good one or I will make his life really difficult!!)

I'm not sure how I will keep up my Blog but keep watching this space!