Tuesday, September 11, 2007

He is off Again!"

My Dad is off on his travels again! This time to a place called India. Sam is going back to university at the same time so I am left behind again.

However the good thing is that I am to stay with Jazz again so I am sure that I will be able to have a good time as well.

And Kerri will be coming back with my Dad when he returns!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Oops, I missed ernest's tag!

Let me think................

Here goes: General Jackson.

1. A bird (nice to eat!): Goose
2. Something laid by a bird: Egg
3. A kind of Tortilla chip: Nachos
4. A tasty Latin American pie: Empanada
5. My dad eats this on Sunday: Roast Mutton (my favourite!)
6. A scrumptious biscuit: Anzac
7. Young Mutton: Lamb

8. A kind of Orange: Jaffa
9. A fruit that does not interest me: Apple
10. A kind of Cheese (Sarah gives me some): Chedder
11. Big shrimps: King Prawns
12 Meat in a skin (my Favourite!) Sausages
13 An eight armed animal: (good to eat!): Octopus
14 What is in my bowl after supper: Nothing!

As usual I have food on my mind! Not sure why but it keeps cropping up!


Friday, September 07, 2007

Random thoughts!

The Falklands are covered in off road tracks.

I wonder who has passed here

I had better look my best in case it was the Governor!

Sam and I are on the scent

It is all too tireing -especialy the steps into the house

Unless it is SUPPER TIME!

Dad says that Kerri is coming to visit next month. I cant wait to see if she has grown like me!


Monday, September 03, 2007

A Winter's Day

Contrary to many people's belief a fine winter's day in the Falkland Islands can be very nice. Today was one of them and so Luca and I took everybody for a walk as it was really fine and sunny.

This is Diddle-dee something that grows everywhere in the Falklands
(It has berries in the autumn but even a Basset would not eat them!)

The ferns are full of very interesting smells and I am told that penguins live in burrows like rabbits near here (but Luca and I are not allowed to go there)

However after doing my duty as a General and inspecting the guns, the day being sunny and me being tired; a lie down was needed!

If you cannot see Luca in these pictures it was because he would not stop still enough!