Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rear Ends

Wally recently blogged about his rear end and so I decided to take up the challenge and post mine:

I am proud of my svelt rear. Can any other dogs match this?

(Pert, no fluff, neat and trim but with lots of room to grow)How is that Wally?

Do you wonder wonder how scientists would decode the message from my tail?

I can tell you: "Leave me to sleep unless there is something really interesting to eat!"

I look forward to some other "rear of the year pics"!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Queen's Birthday!

Today is the Queen's Birthday and for some reason it is celebrated with the firing of guns! (21 times!) I was very brave and stayed at home but after the first bang made me jump I went to sleep which I find is the best thing to do on occasions like this.

I think that Adam had something to do with it as he was all dressed up in a smart uniform and he shouted at people!

(that is him with the big stripe down his trousers)

In the afternoon my Dad, Uncle Terry and Auntie Joan went for a walk on a different beach and saw lots of new things.

We saw old sailing ships

and even more..........

I met a new friend

(hopefully I will see more of him but I don't think he has ever seen a Basset before!

The ground was a bit rough on a Basset

Later Auntie Joan really appreciated my company
(She can fondle my ears anytime)
That was a good Queen's Birthday. Only four months to go to my first birthday!
(I think I will do without the guns)

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Spotty Teenager? Never!!

I went to the VET today as I had some bumps on my chin. In my opinion caused by grass seeds which attached themselves to my chin when I take my dad for a walk!

Imagine my embarrassment when Joe (who I thought was my friend) said that I was suffering from acne!! ( I thought he knew what he was talking about!)

ME a spotty teenager? I don't think so!

I am not amused!

However it was nice to see my friends Sarah and Vicky at the VET's and I even forgave Joe after he apologised and gave me some pretty pills.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Call yours a bone Tealeaf?
I found this bone on the beach and got my Dad to take it home for me!

It looks a bit chewed

but is still interesting to investigate
I think I know where there are some even bigger ones! I will see what I can do...........

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Who Has Played About With The Clocks??

My dad and Ben got up late this morning although they said that it was the correct time.

Somebody has been messing with the clocks and I'm told that it is officially winter now. I hope that I get used to it soon as my supper was very late this evening. I could have eaten a whole bag of kibble!

Why can't people just leave things alone? It is a good thing I am a long suffering Basset!!

I suppose I must make the most of the nice weather.

Is that a ship on the Horizon?

Actually it was a very nice day even if it the disrupted mealtimes did spoil my digestion!

I wonder what they will do next!!

(By the way Adam's plumbing is better)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

More Walks!

Adam had a plumbing problem so my dad and Archie's Gran Sue took Luca and me away for a Walk. (Adam was using words that Luca said I should not hear!)

Sue had not seen our sand dunes so Luca and I showed her round.

Luca was showing off rather a lot on top of the dunes

While I looked after Sue and made sure she did not get lost

digging for lost bones?

Kerri could plant a tree here!

nothing like getting down and dirty!

This is my favorite place! I would not swap with any dog!

I wonder how Adam's plumbing is coming on.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Early Mornings Are Better Than I Thought!

My dad got me up really early this morning. The sun was not even up!! We watched the sun rise on the beach!

There were not even any foot prints!

Except mine!

My shadow looks like a SUMD!!

even the seaweed tasted different

It reminded me of my time in the tropics

Except the sea looked really cold (although I did not try it!)
I wish that there was another Basset to help me experience all this but My Dad says "no chance!" I will wake Luca next time.

The walk gave me a very good excuse to sofa surf for the rest of the day!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sofa Surfing? No Problem!

As a Basset who was brought up by lurchers I find sofa surfing not a problem! I understand that lurchers say that they surpass at this exercise but I believe I have taken it to a new level! I even do it as soon as I get up in the morning!

The first thing to do is relax

Let your mind go blank (I find this easy!)

Star gazing helps the process

But if the sun gets too bright..................

Remember: don't let anything interrupt you!

This exercise can be performed at any time of the day or night but is highly recommended for both body and mind.