Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Present From New Zealand!!

Somebody has brought me a present!

Archie's granny Sue has come to visit from New Zealand and she has brought a present from George, Jaacc and herself just for ME!

(I am not sure quite what sort of dog Jaacc is but I will keep you posted)

It is a new tug! (my favorite!)

It certainly seems strong enough

I think that it might be a good substitute for books! (Ernest please note!)

In fact it is perfect!!

I like New Zealand! (what ever that is!)

Thanks Sue, George and Jaacc! Say Hi to Joan and Terry.

PS: Good luck to India and Boomer at your first dog show!! I am sure that you will take all the prizes. Just keep Liz on a tight lead!

"We Charashaun Bassets Rock!"

PPS: I see that the SUMDs have started a blog . They had to get the idea from me, but it is great to catch up with them again! (I could sort Tealeaf out now that I have been in training with Luca!)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Walk and a Request

Not a lot has happened this week except for more walks. (My dad says that they are good for both of us!)

I really do enjoy the start and am full of beans

Luca and I have a great time, but his legs are much longer than mine

and by the end I am really puffed out!

and I need a good sleep. Which reminds me...........
does anybody know where my Dad can buy a tug like this?
It is Luca's and my favorite and we only have one.
It is the BEST dog toy ever.

Otherwise we have to use seaweed which is a bit salty and sandy

If anybody knows where I can order one please post on my comments. (I did look on Ernest's links but although there were all sorts of toys there were no fleece tugs.)

Have a nice week

PS: I am learning to bark like a real Basset. It really impresses the other dogs! (they all have high pitched barks! As you know, Bassets are basso prufondos of the dog world)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

test post - comments

Do comments reappear? That Basset boy must have been fiddling again.

Yup they - do - Jackson - stop running your ears over the keyboard!!

For some reason you can't add comments to the last post..... but they work on this one!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Beaches, Birds and Things

The Falkland Islands are famous for their bird life and I am becoming familiar with lots of them although they are not very friendly and always fly away when I try to talk to them!

The other day these Upland Geese were not at all interested in bonding

This morning I got up early to see if I would have any better luck this time
I saw lots of birds in the distance: A Turkey Vulture, Logger Ducks, a Ground Tyrant, a Dotterel, more Upland Geese (there are lots of them!), kelp gulls, a thrush, a long tailed meadowlark (we call them robins as they have a red breast), common shags, grass wrens (in the grass!) and many more that I cannot remember, but no penguins (although I did catch a glimpse of a King Penguin the other day)

This two banded plover seemed to want to play

Oh Heck what now?

I think he really just wanted to get me wet!

so I just savored the beautiful sunrise

which is my favorite thing to do on a nice morning

Basset Bliss -smells, sounds and solitude-

And Interesting Birds!

Is that a penguin I see before me?
(Shakespeare ?)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Red Nose Day? I Failed!!

The 16th of March was Red Nose Day and I had hoped that I would at least be able to wear a red nose for you.

(Kerri sent one over especially!)


The BIG noses this year were still too small for a growing Basset's nose, so I thought that I would modify mine.

This is getting near it!

Oops I think I might have overdone it a bit!

This piece is definitely too small (sorry Kerri!)

I think I will plan better for next year
The day was too wet and windy to do anything outside so one just had to think Basset thoughts:

"What IS the meaning of life? What is it all about"?


(apologies to Douglas Adams)

I am seven months old!! (is that really old?)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It is Dog Pilling Day!

Every six weeks in the Falklands, dogs have to go to the V.E.T.s at the Agricultural Department and take some pills -with cheese if you are lucky!-

Some dogs do not like it, but I like Dog Pilling Day as I get to see Sarah and Joe AND get to eat some cheese (my favorites!)

This morning I was asleep dreaming Basset dreams -in my indoor kennel that I brought all the way from England (it is so cosy)- When my dad woke me up early!

At first I hoped that he would just go away!

But he just would not let me sleep

But then I thought perhaps I could stir myself as he said it was PILLING DAY!

But as usual I had to wait a long while before it was time to go
Then we went to see Sarah and Joe at the V.E.T.'s. They said that I am growing into a big dog and made a great fuss of me.

This is Sarah giving me my cheese!

Is that more cheese I can smell?
I like pilling day, I can't wait until the next one!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

It is a fine day at last!

Today was a fine day at last! Luca and I went for a walk in the sand dunes as it was drier there.

Luca tried to hide from me in the sand dunes but I had a plan!

Head him off at the pass!

I have him now!

Where did he go?

This will require some careful planning

The Basset secret plan: Lie down and wait!

Is he coming yet?

Basset cunning will overcome him in the end!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Valentine Card!

Hi folks I received a Valentines Day Card !! It was from the Story Hour Children in Stayner Ontario, Canada!!

Thanks Children! It is my favorite Card!!

I am sorry that I did not send you all a card.

Keep reading the Blog, and say Hi to The Story Hour Angel for me.