Thursday, November 30, 2006

I am a popular Basset.

My webmasters (better known as human slaves) inform me that I am a very popular Basset.

I have friends in Dubai (hello Dubai!!!), Hawaii (Hello Hawaii!!!), the Falkland Islands (Hello Port Stanley!!!), All over the states (Hello America!!!!) (and Especially St Louis!!!), Canada, all over Britain, Europe and Scandanavia (hello EVERYONE!).

It's even been reported that people have argued over me in chat rooms:

How popular can a boy be???

I have to say - I am so puffed up about this that I have been a little indescrete with my chewing. It went to my head you see.

Oops. The pen was good

The wood basket was fair game

The slipper was fluffy and looked like a dog toy

The Keff remote was apparently quite expensive.

I'm not bad - I'm just a Basset.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Helpful Basset about the house

To the music of South Pacific...

I'm going to.................

WASH that muck right out of my house...
WASH that muck right out of my house...

Today I have been a helpful Basset about the house and been assisting the cleaners in their work (I like the cleaners - they are lovely and they think I am fabulous and they give me cuddles).

Bring it over here - this bit is dirty..... (KuBrin dribbled on it - I saw him)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Oh! I nearly forgot...

As you have probably noticed in my pictures, I now have a GROWN up dog collar.

This is because I have outgrown my puppy collar (how embarrassing - I am not even 4 months yet).

Anyway - it is a very handsome collar and it supposed to be chew-proof. We will see.

I guess that means I am no longer an LFBP (Little Fat Basset Puppy) - I must be a BFBP.

I'm not sleeping - I'm GROWING:

I really like beanbags in the sunny spot. Wonder if my new Dad will have one of these for me. (That's a "hint" by the way. I've heard they can be very effective. We will see.)

Breaking News!

I have finally overcome the last bastion of SUMD hostility:

My powers are complete. LFBPs RULE !

Also - I have new bowls. These are bigger than my old one, so they hold more food (my favorite) and are specially designed for me...


a) Keep my ears out of my nosh

b) Fox the Meggie-moo in her bowl theft.... hopefully.


Look mum - no ears in my food!

I wonder how old I will have to be before I need a food stand like the SUMDs?

StreetWise 'n' Happenin'

Yo dudes!

Today, I & I is being streetwise, and a happenin' Basset.

I decided to show my skills by shootin' a few hoops!

Can TeaLeaf come out to play ?

I has 'da moves...

Near-side left-rear-paw shuffle there! Did ya spot it ?

Followed by an up-hill flip-kick...

Slam-dunk onto the bone! Ten points!!!

Going to put my ball away now.

I wonder if the Harlem Globtrotters will sign me when I get a bit taller ?

'Blind Lemon' General Jackson, yeah !!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

OK, I could have thought that through more...

I was slightly unsuccessful in reducing my 'beau's habits...

It all started with a dash to the bottom of the garden in the dark and the rain.

Suddenly she stopped, and then my left ear felt all warm and damp...

I shall think on this further, and try to come up with a new tactic.

Having got my ear dry, the foster-mummy decided to TORTURE me.

She asked me to 'give her five'!

WOT is that about, eh ?

Five what ?

I have :
One nose (Damp)
Two ears (Extra Large)
One tail (Whippy)
Four Paws (I am a four-paw-drive-puppy)

I let her borrow only one of my precious paws - just to inspect, mind.

She seemed delighted - silly human.

The others (S.U.M.D.s remember!) considered this to be a spectator sport!

I shall have my revenge !

Reducing Kleptomania

I have been thinking about how to reduce the Kleptomania in my girl-friend,

I am going to paw-cuff myself to her back leg.

No matter WHAT she does, and WHERE she goes, I will remain fully informed.

So far it's working - she hasn't moved.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Jackson the gardener

My foster mum likes to do things in the garden (not the same things I do in the garden though.... if you see what I mean). Of course I like to help, I am a helpful Basset.

"Right - I'm ready - what are we doing?"

Last weekend I dug a very big hole for her, this weekend she wanted to fill it in. These humans are crazy, there was not even a bone to bury.

"So you are trying to tell me we put THIS into THERE? Why?"

"First you have to open out the root ball"

"I'm ready - pass it down!"

"OY! You're only supposed to plant the bloody tree - not ME!"

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I am a fearless and intrepid Basset

It is saturday again, but this time the humans did not get up late - they got up even EARLIER than usual. There is no understanding these creatures.... they have no sense whatsoever.

It is very very windy today so I think I'll stay inside as I might blow away.

Yesterday I spent some time outside learning some tricks from the dinosaur dog, KuBrin. He thinks he can scare me... but little does he know I am a fearless and intrepid world travelling Basset.

You don't scare me....

You may be big but you don't scare me....

Puppy POWER!

Blimey, think I had better have a little lie down now - I may have bitten off more than I can chew.....

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Case Of The Missing Bowl (Pt3).

That skinny ugly mutant dog,
He bit my ears, hijacked my blog !

Perhaps the two-faced, sly Tealeaf.
Really is the pesky thief ?

I checked his ears,

I checked his tail,

Looked in his mouth,

Let out a wail.

There's no bowl here, what CAN I say ?
I'm just about to fade away.


So let me think, I have checked four,
And Q.E.D. that leaves one more...


The grand matriarch,the Meggie Moo,
I wonder if she left a clue ?

I'll need to sneak, I'll need to hide,
Surveillance from the other side (Ewwwwww!).

She has 'previous' I found that out,
Casserole dishes, cakes and trout.
Turkeys, Gateux, Rubarb Tart,
She has it down to a fine art.

I'm sure it's her, I'll check it now,
If she's been bad, I'll soon know how.

Oh Meggie-Moo it can't be true,
I really can't believe it's you.

You were my One. You were my Own.

We've even chewed upon a bone.

I must retire with no regrets,
I'll join the Navy to forget,

I'm off to foreign parts, you'll see,
I'll wave at you from Port Stanley.

Thank-you, thank-you, we'll be here till the 15th !!!

(As mentioned previously -
apologies to everybody -
especially Dr. Seuss)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

When Babysitters go soft.

Sometimes, occasionally, infrequently,
once-in-a-blue-moon, as the mood takes, etc,
you get the picture.

The foster-daddy has to go to W.O.R.K.

I don't understand why...
Looking after me is a full time job!

But anyroadup, 'Mark' was called in to be a stunt foster-daddy...

Here is what he said after only one HOUR of, well, me!

"We" have peed, pooped and terrorised TeaLeaf

Did not eat much until back in his "Cage"



The Case Of The Missing Bowl (Pt2).

Cleopatra, it's plain to tell,
Is an evil nasty bitch from hell.

But even so I checked her bed,
There was no bowl, when all is said.

Then Cleo said "Oy! Shorty! Shoo!"

So I went to question KuBrin too.


I have my suspicions, I really do,
It could have been the Q.B.Doo.

The Dinosaur Dog is really BIG,
He eats so much he is a pig.

He plays with beds and gulps them whole,

I wonder if he ate my bowl ?

I must tread carefully, I must tread light,
He'll eat me up in just one bite.

The Dino dog said, "Gimme peace!",
So next on the list is the TeaLeaf.

Tune in for the continuing adventures in:

The Case Of The Missing Bowl (Pt 3) - The Revenge Of The Lurcher
(A Sherlock Bones production)

I have a new hobby

Basset hounds, as everyone knows, are clever and introspective hounds, and therefor they need to keep themselves busy. I have a new hobby to keep me occupied and out of mischief.

It is called pin the tail on the lurcher:

For some reason Tealeaf is not very impressed at this new hobby, but I expect he will get the hang of it.

In the mean time, yesterday I was 14 WEEKS! This means I am now big enough to travel (well - I ought to be cos I have doubled my weight since arriving at my foster home) and just have to wait for my boat.

I can't wait! I've heard a rumour that I will not have to sleep in my indoor kennel on the boat, which I think sounds fantastic. It will be such an adventure.